HB Grandi

About HB Grandi

The role of HB Grandi is to responsibly maximise the value of the shared natural resources that the company is entrusted with. Customers are ensured a steady supply of healthy seafood that is economically processed from sustainable stocks.

HB Grandi produces high-value products from wild-caught fish harvested in Icelandic waters. The company focuses on innovation and sophisticated fishing and processing technology and continuous production development. Respect for the environment and the marine ecosystem form the foundations for HB Grandi operations, and the company makes every effort to use marine resources with respect and fully utilise the catches that its vessels bring to shore so that future generations may continue to enjoy the resource. Furthermore, HB Grandi has its social responsibilities. As a result, it is the company’s policy to ensure that its operations reflect its responsibility toward resources on land, at sea and the society as a whole.

HB Grandi has operating units in Reykjavík, in Akranes and in Vopnafjörður and operates a total of eight fishing vessels. The company’s main offices are at Norðurgarður in Reykjavík. The management of Groundfish and Pelagics are located there, as are the Business Development, Finances, Marketing and Human Resources Departments. The number of full-time positions were 839 on average in 2017. Employee roles are spread out over the entire value chain, i.e. fishing, processing, sales and distribution of the company’s products. The company is listed in the main market of the NASDAQ exchange in the Nordic countries.

Products were sold to 38 countries in 2017. Sales to the ten largest amounted to more than 82% of the sales value. The largest market areas in 2017 were France, Norway, Germany, UK and China. The subsidiaries of HB Grandi are Vignir G. Jónsson, Norðanfiskur and Blámar. In addition, the company owns a 20% shareholding in Deris S.A. in Chile and 33.33% in Laugafiskur.

Products were sold to 38 countries in 2017

Policy and vision for the future

During 2017, the company’s executive board and employees were involved in policy formulation in consultation with the company’s Board of Directors. Account was taken of economic, environmental and social impact. The results of this work were the documented role, values and vision for the future, which were approved by the Board of Directors. The policy is a roadmap for the operation and supports the future development of the company. It is an anchor for all decision making and prioritisation of tasks. The object of the policy is to increase the success of the operation; improve management, processes and exploitation of resources; and make daily work easier for employees. Plans for further expansion of operations over the next few years have also been prepared. One of the key projects of HB Grandi is the adoption of sustainability.

A policy for sustainability has been under preparation during the year, and presentations and workshops have been held for the executive board and key management.

HB Grandi’s vision for the future “shaping the future of sustainable fisheries”

  • We take an active part in shaping the future of Icelandic fisheries, a future based on innovation, technological development and sustainability.
  • We actively show how understanding of and respect for the community, our co-workers and the environment can go hand in hand with a healthy, profitable business.
  • We continuously seek ways to improve the operation of the company and make good products even better.
  • We’re always moving forward and aiming to increase the output of value added products.
  • We share our experiences in the hope that others may learn from them, get to know us and discover how tasty and sought-after Icelandic marine products are.

About the report

The information in the report relates to HB Grandi without its subsidiaries in 2017, unless otherwise specified. The effects of HB Grandi and non-financial metrics were analysed during the year and many of them can now be published. The metrics will increase in number as work continues on improving the information systems that cover the non-financial metrics of the company. The report summarises the work and knowledge that has been developed within the company. It is not, however, an exhaustive examination of the effects that HB Grandi has on the environment, society at large and the economy. All the information is in accordance with the knowledge we have at the time that the report was written. Environmental information was collected directly from associated partners into an environmental database and then examined by a third party.

Over the past few years, HB Grandi has been developing in-house knowledge on issues relating to sustainability and has been working on mapping the effects and responsibility of the company. These efforts are ongoing and will continue for the foreseeable future. The report is not audited by a third party.

HB Grandi’s sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Global Reporting Initiative, G4. The results of the environmental aspects have been prepared from the company’s environmental management systems, Klappir Core. Information on social and economic aspects come from the information systems of HB Grandi.

GRI Index

Below is a link to the index table of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for the 2017 HB Grandi Sustainability Report.